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Student Activity Evaluation Form

April 05, 2018

When a student performs a 15 minute mini lesson it is important to provide constructive feedback to that student teacher. Givens: did the student begin on time, make eye contact, and have smooth transitions. Delve further: did the pre-service educator have a good conversation with the cooperating teacher prior to doing the lesson and get some of their suggestions? Did the pre-service teachers seek out materials and resources?


This eval form is printed on triplicate or duplicate carbon copies, so the student can receive their eval immediately, one given to their cooperating teacher (if desired), and one goes into their confidential file.

Form Type: Evaluation Form

Early Childhood Observation Form

April 06, 2018

At an OER conference a few university reps asked if I would share the evaluation tool I use. The focus is on 13 functional areas when evaluating students in the ECE / Family Services program. The students also create a portfolio with 13 functional areas tabs, DCFS regulations, Early Learning Standards, and any documents needed for the interviewing process. 

When evaluating pre-service teachers in a practicum or field experience it is wise to have an informal and formal tool. I've provided the form I utilize, but I also have a follow up conference to go over some of the feedback. A beneficial tool for improving is also a video-taped lesson that the student will view upon completion.

Form Type: Evaluation Form

Danielson Framework

April 28, 2018

We will learn about Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching and the four domains involved and how it pertains to Early Childhood Education. Assignment #2 - Intro to Early Childhood ECE100

For Early Childhood

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Early Learning

Expanding access to high quality early childhood education is among the most important things we can do for our children. Leif and Eric are 4-year-old twins in #PreK. Follow them during their day and hear from their parents about the importance of early learning.

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ExceleRate Illinois

What does quality mean? With ExceleRate Illinois early learning programs look at several standards to determine if the center is Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Licensed Level. Parents can check the status of every program to make quality a priority. Is the environment safe, inviting, and engaging?

When quality counts!

Gateways to Opportunity

Visit the Gateways to Opportunity website when applying for a Gateways Credential. Gateways Credentials are symbols of professional achievement that validate knowledge, skills and experience. They are an individual achievement that you can be proud of. Gateways Credentials are awarded and recognized by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Bureau of Child Care and Development. They are required for some Circles of Quality in ExceleRate Illinois and can be used to help with employment decisions in early learning programs.


The NAEYC is the National Association for the Education of the Young Child. 10 Standards are included on their website.

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