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Empress Logan and
Macie Mattson

Proud returning and future graduate of Lake Land College

A Bit About Us

Empress Logan - "Right before my father passed away he seemed very passionate about me pursuing my degree. Coming from Chicago I was nervous to be in practicums & classes, but have really blossomed due to the ECACE scholarship & gas reimbursement."


Macie Matteson - "I work at Strong Beginnings & attend classes in person. I would struggle to persist in the program without the ECACE scholarship & gas reimbursement."

LAKE LAND COLLEGE - Early Childhood Education Program


Looking to care for the next generation? The Early Childhood Care and Education program can help you gain the academic background and practical experience necessary to operate a private, home day care and teach or direct in child care facilities.


With job openings in this field projected to grow by 10 percent through 2026, this is a great opportunity to learn about nursery schools, Head Start programs and paraprofessional teacher’s aide in primary grades.

Tanille Yow Ulm - Early Childhood Instructor

Early childhood education is the ideal career choice as it empowers you to create a positive influence on the lives of young children and shape their future.


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