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ABC Journal Boxes, A-Z Grade: Pre-Kindergarten

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Click to download file

Journal Boxes can be accessed by clicking on the links below. If included in student's ABC Journal they can draw or pretend write and practice any material you are covering that day. EX: say "I would like you to draw a circle in the Friday text box, now draw another circle, and another. Now give the very first one a face. You've just created your very own hungry caterpillar...please color him/her." We even have a space provided to do a school/home connection with parents at home. During "OUR TIME" parents will have prompts to find out what all their child learned during the week.

For convenience we have provided the options of color or black and white depending on your school or center's printing capabilities. Each bundle of course has 26 pages for each letter of the alphabet and if printing for every student printing costs could be fairly expensive if utilizing an outside printing service.

These text boxes are perfect to practice writing the weekly ~Color, numbers, letter, shape, sight words, and/or even the Tech Time of Baby's Brilliant

Materials download links:

Free Baby's Brilliant App:

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