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Bill the Bull Shark and Riley the Remora

Teaching kids to be nice and sweet to everyone they meet! Riley the Remora and Bill the Bullshark are great friends! They are always there to help each other out. The crazy thing is, Riley and Bill are very different from each other, but it is their differences that bring them together. People are also different in many ways. Some people may look or talk differently than we do. Others are from a town or country where they act and dress differently than most of us. There are short people and tall people. Some kids have red hair, blonde hair, black hair, or brown hair. In fact, I have seen kids with blue hair! Our differences are part of what makes us so special. Our world is made up of all sorts of people, and Surfari Pals realize that we are all unique in our own special way. Think about this, when you or your friends see someone that is different from you, that means you are different from him, also! Different is good. What if everyone played the piano, but no one played the drums? Music certainly would not sound the way it does, especially the Surfari Pals theme song! What if everyone liked math, but no one liked reading? Then you would not be learning about Surfari Pals. Yikes!! Just imagine all of the new things you can learn by becoming friends with people who have different activities and interests than you.


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