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Managing Emotions

Some counselors at schools are utilizing Disney's "INSIDE OUT" to teach about emotions and life challenges.

Themes such as personal growth, loss, sacrifice, coping strategies, attitudes, and more allow counselors, teachers, and even principals to connect with students in a way that’s interesting. An ongoing conversation can be shared around the themes in the movie.

Create Relevant Content

One school principal focuses on one topic a week from "Inside Out" during COMMUNITY MEETING, which is at the start of the day when all the students are in the cafeteria waiting to be dismissed to their classes. Here are some suggested topics:

*Supporting others to achieve our own goals

*Keeping a positive attitude

*Plans don't always work out

*Problem solving

*Coping Strategies

*Communication Skills

*Feeling a variety of feelings at once

*Value of ALL feelings

*Loss and Sacrifice

*Personal Growth

ANGER - Take a deep breath in and exhale. Sometimes we react without even thinking out of anger. We can't see the rainbow in the cloud or the light at the end of the tunnel. It's even worse when we have been working on something we feel is important only to have it ruined or we get distracted.

What happens when her tower of cards falls apart? Would you react the same way?

DISGUST - Do you agree with the "5 second rule" if something touches the ground that might be eaten? How does disgust act?

FEAR - what does the little girl see dangling in front of her face while she's trying to focus on school work? How do we let fear control us?

JOY - We all want to feel joy. How can we bring about joy in other's lives? How can we ourselves have more joy?

SADNESS - just like in this video clip we sometimes get caught up in our own sadness to notice that others may need help.

Get Inspired

Create your own questions and follow up discussions after viewing these short video clips. Perhaps it will lead to some great revelations and lead into more discussions about other topics like bullying and having more self-control.

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