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Recycled Plastic Caps Park Bench

These students should rest after the work they did to get this bench produced. The Neil Armstrong Program consists of special education students ranging from 14 to 22 years old. These students have recycled 3,458 pounds of aluminum; 3,625 pounds of plastic; 9,620 pounds of paper; and 59,500 pounds of cardboard. They also had this beauty made out of 100 percent recycled plastic bottle caps. Our Lake Land College majors helped save 4 big boxes of caps for these students. Interested in doing a GO GREEN PROJECT like this......keep reading.

— The students helped gather 400 pounds worth of caps throughout the school year with help from parents, students, and various businesses in the Coles County area. Recyclable benches are great because it means the caps weren’t going to the landfill.

Green Tree Plastics, Inc., in Evansville, Ind. makes the bench in exchange for the bottle caps and $200. A picnic table takes around 1,000 pounds of plastic caps to produce. Several plastic melting companies nationwide will help in the creation of a park bench or picnic table. A table takes around 1,000 pounds of caps to produce.

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