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Same Difference

LOVE THIS STORY. Miss. Kyndall presented this book and it was chosen as a favorite. “Same Difference” is Calida's first book and is about two cousins Lisa and Lida. The two are alike in many ways. Day in and day out, the girls can be found dancing, throwing tea parties, and sharing imaginary friends under the watchful eye of their wise grandmother.

While playing dress-up, the girls realize that although they are the same in so many ways, their physical differences in hair texture and skin complexion set them apart. Grandma helps Lida and Lisa realize their bond is deeper than what they see and their unique differences are what make them beautiful.

Consider showing this lively and fun reading of Same Difference - youtube video link below and doing some class graphing of eye and hair color.


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03 juil. 2022

Very nice ppost

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