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Yoga for Kids A to Z for beginners

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Starting off the alphabet with A to D for Yoga for Kids. A for airplane, B for boa, C for Cow, D for Downward Dog, E is for Eagle Pose, F is for Frog Pose, and on and on! These are some basic poses that will be easy for preschoolers and Kindergarten students to give a try. Kid tested and approved.

AIRPLANE POSE - This will make you feel like you are ready to fly. Practice by standing on one foot. Stretch leg back or outward. Stretch arms back with the leg. No nose dives!

BOA POSE- This one will make you feel like you could slither off your mat like a snake. On belly lift just your upper torso off the mat and hold.

Cow - Just get on all fours and hold

Downward Dog - this is one of the most common yoga poses and is perfect for stretching out, while working muscles. Bring hind end up in the air while stretching arms and legs typically flex the hands as well as the feet.

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